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I am a confident and dedicated photographer and artist with experience in professional, freelance and art photography. I received a master’s degree at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava and I have participated in several group exhibitions and organized three author exhibitions so far. During many years of varied working experience, I have developed skills needed to tackle any photography job quickly and effectively. I also have experience with laminating, framing, printing, and professional retouching. I am a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic and along with photography work, I have been teaching photography at a high school of arts and advertising in Prague for the last four years.

Employment History


  • Freelance Photographer and Artist at Petr Stepan Photographer, Prague

      2010 — Present


  • Class Teacher and Teacher of Photography at MICHAEL - SŠ and VOŠ of advertising and Artistic Creation, Prague

       2017 — Present


  • Retoucher and DTP Specialist at Centrum Foto Skoda, Prague

      2010 — Present


  • Lecturer of Photography Courses and Postproduction in Adobe Photoshop at Centrum Foto Skoda, Prague

      2015 — Present


  • Master of Arts, Institut of Creative Photography - Silesian University , Opava September 2010 — September 2019


  • High School of Advertising and Artistic Creation - Field of Applied Photography, Prague

       September 2006 — June 2010


  • Elementary School of Arts - Sarka Valley, Prague                          September 2002 — June 200

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